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The number of veterans who die by suicide every day is estimated at between 17 and 22. The American Legion has elevated Be the One to be its top priority, empowering veterans, servicemembers, their family members and civilians to act appropriately when a veteran may be at risk. This event intends to bring more awareness to the problem while providing resources to those who may be able to help save the life of a veteran.

Local, state & national help...

Active duty, retired, veterans & family members... a world of services is just a mouse click away! The number of community, veterans service and philanthropic organization across the county, state & nation is almost incalculable, but here are a few from the Tarrant County Vietnam Memorial Foundation to help get you started. Click a title for more information.

Have a suggestion?

Please contact us with suggestions you might have. Include information about the service  you provide and how you can be contacted... and thank you for your continued support.

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