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Tarrant County

Student artist Ryan Scieneaux, a graduate of Brewer High School in White Settlement, submitted the winning design concept in the memorial competition completed in August 2020.


It is now being refined and modified by sculptor Michael Pavlosky who will finalize the design. Michael has been a professional sculptor for twenty-five years and his clients have included municipalities, institutions, and corporations as well as private individuals. His work is mostly created in cast or fabricated bronze.  He recently completed a lobby sculpture for the National Civil Rights Museum in Memphis, Tenn.


Students across the region were challenged to submit design ideas for the memorial. This monumental effort is backed by a coalition of Tarrant County officials, the Fort Worth Parks Dept., national and local veterans service organizations, as well as patriotic groups and individuals across North Texas.


At least 211 Tarrant County residents died as a result of the war, but currently there’s no local monument to honor those who dies as a result of serving in Southeast Asia during the Vietnam Conflict.


Hundreds of veterans, community leaders and officials attended the city-approved special ceremony held Nov. 19, 2020, at Veterans Memorial Park on Camp Bowie Fort Worth. Groundbreaking for a Tarrant County Vietnam Memorial coincided with the gathering of the Medal of Honor Society in Arlington.


Veterans Memorial Park

This half-acre park is located on a triangular tract formed where Washington, Crestline Road, and Thomas Place intersect with Camp Bowie Blvd. in Fort Worth. It was originally known as Camp Bowie Park or Camp Bowie Plaza and was maintained by the City Federation of Women’s Clubs.


The park took on its military association on Oct. 29, 1950, when a red granite monument was dedicated to the World War I service of the 36th Division. The division had received its training at the original Camp Bowie located in Arlington Heights.

Vet Park.jpg

A Work in Progress

Michael Pavlovsky of Pavlovsky Sculpture Studio LLC continues to fine-tune the basic design concept for the Vietnam Memorial. He’s based in Fort Worth and is working closely with the Memorial Foundation.


His sculptures have a strong design emphasis and are mainly contemporary; however, depending on the client's needs, the work often incorporates elements of the traditional as well. 

Rendering 3.png

Sculptor Michael Pavlovsky

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